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Our Offerings

At ICOMM TELE we work with our clients closely to drive the energy transition, with our rich history of innovative technology, step by step approach, extensive energy experience and our ambitious strategy to drive the energy systems.

Our Services

We provide a wide array of software design and
development services

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

ICOMM’s EPC operations are structured under four segments:

Power, Telecom, Infrastructure for Power & Telecom, Water & Waste, Water and Oil & Gas

Communications and Technology

Our communications and technology division is presently operating with two sub-segments.

Telecom equipment & Defence equipment

Renewable Energy

We manufacture solar photovoltaic modules and solar photovoltaic systems for cellular and fixed operators and other private sector and public utility customers. We offer solar energy products ranging from portable lighting systems, indoor home lighting systems and LED street lighting systems and have the ability to produce standalone power plants (up to 100kW) and grid interactive power plants (ranging from 10kW to 20MW).

Why Icomm Tele Limited?

ICOMM had successfully and satisfactorily completed numerous projects and services relative to the fields of Transmission Lines & Distribution, Substations, Telecom, Renewable energy and Infrastructure Development Projects.

These remarkable achievements were realized through the incessant efforts, management expertise and technical capabilities of its team, officers and staff and in close collaboration with foreign principal manufacturers, contractors and renowned international multinational companies.

Our major International Distribution projects are :

  • Rural Electrification
  • RGGVVY schemes
  • APDRP projects
  • BPL schemes
  • Distribution Automation
  • Substations and Distribution Lines
Communications and Technology

Powered by the most advanced research and design capabilities in tactical communication technologies, and with its capabilities to innovate and deliver quality products and solutions, ICOMM covers the entire spectrum in the communications sector and its in house backward and forward integrations with auxiliary and ancillary products and solutions backed by strong R&D capabilities allows ICOMM to support all kinds of customer requirement.

In Telecom sector ICOMM is primarily involved in providing Active and Passive solutions like manufacturing Telecom Wireless & Wire-line Equipments, CDMA Terminals, Wimax Solutions, Towers, Shelters, Antennae, Repeaters etc and Network commissioning Services for CDMA & GSM operators and OEM’s. ICOMM has a complete team of experienced & qualified personnel to execute projects with world class project management skills in building the CDMA & GSM Networks.

Renewable Energy – (Solar)

ICOMM is one of the world’s leading manufacturer dedicated to renewable energy focuses on offering solutions in Photovoltaic’s, solar thermal, Hybrid Systems (Solar+ Wind).

ICOMM’s Solar Division offers one-stop customized renewable energy solutions to meet all energy needs. Our Solar Division also provides clean, reliable, affordable solar energy solutions for the global market through the optimized distribution channels. We develop the products to satisfy Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Utility Scale projects.

ICOMM Solar Unit offers
  • Portable lighting systems (LED/CFL Lantern)
  • Educational Kits (with pocket radio, etc)
  • Indoor Lighting and Home Lighting Systems
  • LED Street Lighting System
  • Standalone Power plants (ranging in KW)
  • Grid Interactive Power plants (ranging from KW to MW)
  • Backup power for Telecom Applications (ranging from very low power to high power applications)
  • Solar, Micro Wind, Diesel/Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Generating Systems
  • Desalination/Water Purification Systems
  • Reliable power for Eco Tourism and Boating Applications


Customised Solar Solutions

ICOMM offers customized packaged solutions to satisfy specific Electrical Energy requirements for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial purposes. These systems can provide reliable uninterrupted power for Households, Educational Institutions, Rural Health Centers, Shopping Complexes, Office Buildings and Industries.

ICOMM designs and manufactures the power packs as per the needs of Telecom, Oil & Gas, SCADA, Railway Signaling, Telemetry applications through customized power packs. These Power Packs are used to supply power in critical areas as a continuous supplemental power source or during power outages.

ICOMM also have the vast experience in executing very large grid and off grid connected PV Power Plants.